The Team

Centre Manager – Sarah Cox

Lucie Larke (Beauty Tutor, PSHE and Lead Tutor) 

Will Andrew (ICT Tutor and Behaviour Manager)

Helen Simpson (Finance/ Administration/ Exam entries)


Ian Bitmead (Construction and Craft Tutor)

Clive Lawrence (Mechanics Tutor)

Tom Askew (Mechanics and Traditional Craft Tutor)

Debbie Bindloss (Animal Care Tutor)

Michael Connolly (Hospitality Tutor/ Country Park Café Manager)

Ruth Barnard (English Tutor)

Sarah Andrew (Art and Design Tutor) 

Ant Marvin( Temporary Venue Manger)

Jo Kear (Maths  Tutor)

Transport Team

Adie Cox (Driver)

Tracey London ( chaperone)

Louise Sharpe (chaperone)