The Team

Centre Manager – Sarah Cox

Lucie Larke (Beauty Tutor, PSHE and Lead Tutor) 

Will Andrew (ICT Tutor and Behaviour Manager)

Helen Simpson (Finance/ Administration/ Exam entries)



Ian Bitmead (Construction and Craft Tutor)

Clive Lawrence (Mechanics Tutor)

Tom Askew (Mechanics and Traditional Craft Tutor)

Debbie Bindloss (Animal Care Tutor)

Michael Connolly (Hospitality Tutor/ Country Park Café Manager)

Ruth Barnard (English Tutor)

Sarah Andrew (Art and Design Tutor) 

Ant Marvin (Temporary Venue Manger)

Jo Kear (Maths and Drama Tutor)


Transport Team

Adie Cox (Driver)

Tracey London ( chaperone)

Louise Sharpe (chaperone)