Gardening and Traditional Crafts



This is an ideal qualification for anyone wanting to work in the gardening industry and provides many practical employability skills. It gives students the chance to work in a real life working environment where they will also learn how to deal with customers and other agencies.

As part of this course students will get a chance to work on real gardens out in the community and will be doing everything from mowing lawns to branch lopping and building habitat stacks.

Traditional Crafts

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Traditional crafts is a course offered at The Melton Learning Hub which offers a chance to young people to learn practical skills that are considered to be a dying art. The course consists of two main aspects, the first aspect is Drystone Walling. Drystone walling is an a trade that dates back thousands of year that has nearly died out. The second aspect of the course is Willow Weaving. During this part of the course learners will gain the chance of learning this new skill and be able to express their creativity to create lots of different garden ornaments and fencing.