Exercise Studies

Exercise Studies is made up of three units

  • Understand the principles of exercise and fitness

  • Demonstrate an understanding of safety factors relating to exercise and;

  • Apply the principles of a training programme


Understanding the principles of exercise and fitness is designed to improve the learner’s knowledge of the make up of their body and the effects exercise can have. In Unit two the student will cover the safety factors when exercising. They will then teach these factors in a peer to peer lesson. Unit three will improve the young person’s knowledge of a personal training programme and is designed for the learner to continue the progression of a programme after the course is complete.

Exercise studies level two is a natural progression from level one. The learner will continue to further their knowledge of exercise, and the effects on the body. Units covered will be:

  • The importance of preparation before exercise,

  • How to improve performance in a sporting activity,

  • Peer to peer full lesson to improve a student’s performance,

  • Understanding your own physical fitness levels and how to improve them.

Both level one and two qualifications will involve students participating in various sports including the use of the Hub’s gym and Terminal 1 Skate park.fooball

The Hub also delivers a short course in sport and fitness, which is accredited though which helps learns develop and demonstrate a range of activities.